Community role-players recognised

Members of the Durbanville Community Police Forum pictured with some of the residents who were awarded certificates at their annual general meeting.

The Durbanville Community Police Forum (DCPF) presented certificates of appreciation to various community role-players during its annual general meeting, thanking them for their hard work, dedication and partnerships throughout the year.

DCPF chairman Denzil Smerdon thanked Durbanville police station commander Colonel Mary Cupido and her team for the growing partnership they had been able to establish. He also thanked the armed response companies and neighbourhood watches in the area, which had, he said, helped to reduce crime.

“As in the past, the executive has been exceedingly active and shown commitment by attending organised workshops, Fisantekraal Sub-forum meetings, Durbanville Sakekamer events, Durbanville SAPS awards and victim support awards. We applied our minds to new liquor applications, extended trading hours and special events approval.

“In March, we attended the Durbanville CPF Sub-forum Sector 1 formation, where I was elected as treasurer of our Tygerberg Cluster and this has given me exco status, which, in a way, is beneficial to our CPF,” said Mr Smerdon.

He added: “Promoting professional policing remains high on our list of priorities. I urge the community to report service delivery complaints effectively for the attention of the station commander and DCPF. We are committed to ensuring that complaints are addressed and within reasonable time frames.

“We appreciate and acknowledge the neighbourhood watch efforts. DCPF and SAPS sector commanders will go beyond the call of duty to assist should the need arise. As new policies in crime prevention are written ever so often, our CPF will remain focused.”

Various interest groups and neighbourhood watches reported back on the year that was.

Francois Jooste from the Racecourse Road Neighbourhood Watch said they had had a relatively good year but had admitted it had been tough. However they managed to maintain a stable watch over five years.

“Crime was high during our first two years but through partnerships we have managed to decrease, decrease and decrease crime.”

Aurora Neighbourhood Watch chairman Etienne de Beer said their area remained relatively crime free with 123 active patrollers.

“We are only the eyes and ears of the community and want to thank the police and armed response companies.”

In October this year, the DCPF came third in the Community Police Forum of the Year category of the SAPS Prestige Awards and received R3 000.

“I sincerely thank all those who in some way or other contributed to this achievement,” said Mr Smerdon.

He added: “As the ‘silly season’ is fast approaching, I appeal to our motorists and pedestrians to take absolute care of their own safety and the safety of others. The year 2017 will pose various challenges and remedies.”

Mr Smerdon called on the greater Durbanville community and surrounds to join and support crime fighting.