Colourful, quirky work enthrals

Artists, from left, are Hennie Meyer, Elzabe Kritzinger, Theo Kleynhans and Vasek Matousek with Rust-en-Vrede Gallery curator Hamlin Jansen van Vuuren.

About 200 art enthusiasts came to view works by Elzabe Kritzinger in her exhibition, 100% Homo Sapiens; Czech-born artist Vasek Matousek; and Hennie Meyer and Theo Kleynhans, in their installation, Alles en Niks.

Of her solo exhibition of abstract-surreal portraits Kritzinger says: “People’s stories resonate within me. For hands and words sometimes hurt – but are mostly used to heal. Walking next to us are animals and birds. Sometimes they even show us the way. The eyes tell you everything.”

This description sets the tone for a series of colourful and quirky artworks, which can only be described as mesmerising.

The ceramic installation features beautifully illustrated triangular and spherical ceramic wall sculptures.

The exhibitions will be running until Wednesday February 22, and the ceramic exhibition in the clay museum will be open for viewing during gallery hours until Wednesday March 22.

The gallery is open during weekdays from 9am to 4pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.