Coffee shop to boost CBD

There are plans to turn an old flower sellers’ kiosk in Bellville into a coffee shop and information hub.

Warren Hewitt, the CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP), said the City had planned to demolish the glass stall in Teddington Road as part of its Kruskal Avenue upgrades (“Upgrades planned for Kruskal Avenue,” Northern News, March 2 ) but the partnership had secured a lease on it.

Homeless people had been sleeping in the run-down kiosk, which would now be turned into GTP Express, a take-away coffee shop and information centre by the end of February if all went to plan, said Mr Hewitt.

He hopes it will be the first of many in and around the CBD, serving staff from nearby firms, and commuters.

“We are not trying to compete with any of the other businesses in the area but adding to it and building on the aesthetic,” he said.

Suzette Little, mayoral committee member for area north, said the three-year lease on the kiosk between the City and the GTP coincided with the City’s R17 million plans for the Bellville CBD over the next three years to curb crime and grime and rejuvenate the Kruskal Avenue spine, which includes parts of Teddington Road, Voortrekker Road and lower Blanckenberg Street.

The City will install new paving, benches, lights and additional trees. The Kruskal upgrades are expected to start in September.

Derek Bock, chief operations officer of the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District, said there was great investment potential for the area.

“This specific area around SARS Bellville and Kerkplein can become a niche area with funky coffee shops and great eateries, for example. There are more than enough office workers in this immediate vicinity who can support these shops.

“What we do not need are some of the current eateries which do not conform to the bare minimum of the City’s health standards. They either need to up their game or make place for those who are proud to be associated with Bellville,” he said.

Mr Hewitt said the GTP wanted to build a 24 hour economy in the CBD to attract investment.