Clean-up at Avondale station

The Greater Tygberg Partnership (GTP) held a clean-up at Avondale station in Parow on Saturday June 3 to clear litter along the railway line.

It was a partnership with the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID), Parow Community Police Forum (CPF), residents, Kids Rise Above Circumstance, law enforcement, neighbourhood watch members and organisations UpCycle and Waste-Ed. Prizes to the value of R4 000 were awarded.

Parow CPF chairman Roger Cannon said litter gathered all along the railway line and waste left by bin scratchers was left for residents to clean.

Resident Heinrich Knoetze said the bin scratchers dumped the bags there to mine for goods on bin days.

“It looks like a dog’s breakfast here,” he said.