City rolls out CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are to be installed across the City.

The City of Cape Town’s Strategic Surveillance Unit plans to install CCTV cameras in 41 wards by the end of June.

The money for the project will come from more than R6 million from councillor’s ward budgets.

This is on top of R9.5 million, from the integrated city development grant and the City’s safety and security directorate, for installations in Kraaifontein and Wallacedene.

JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety and security and social services, said councillors recognised the importance of having cameras in their communities.

So far, said Mr Smith, the more than 500 cameras registered with the City had detected 10 646 incidents of which 3 332 were crime-related, resulting in 152 arrests for various offences including robbery, drug possession, smash-and-grab crimes and burglary.

But he warned that cable theft posed a threat to the cameras.

“We do, however, have functionality rates of approximately 90%, which is on par with best practice internationally.

“We have started experimenting with wireless technology, but the quality is not as good as fibre optic cables, nor is it as reliable.

“We also need the justice system to crack down on cable thieves. Our national policies and related legislation recognise the crippling impact that cable theft has on the economy and communities, but it means little without follow-through by the criminal justice system.”