City gives go-ahead for Saxdown Road

A map Illustrating what is being built and what is planned.

The developers of Bardale Village, Integrated Housing Development (IHD), have received the go-ahead from the City of Cape Town and have begun construction on the next section of Saxdown Road, which will connect with Nooiensfontein and open out directly onto the Stellenbosch arterial route.

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, said the City would contribute R6 million towards the project, which is intended to alleviate traffic congestion and improve access to and from the area.

Up to now, residents of Bardale Village and the immediate surrounds have either had to enter or leave the suburb via the congested Nooiensfontein route or by Hindle Road.

The opening of this section of Saxdown Road will shorten the time spent commuting in and out of this area dramatically, not just for residents of Bardale Village but those who live in any of the surrounding suburbs, said IHD managing director Neill Snape.

“Many residents here spend a lot of time either waiting at the congested Nooiensfontein intersection or cutting through back roads of Bardale to leave the area in peak traffic times.

“In approximately six months, this will be a thing of the past. and those whose houses will now be bypassed will be happy that the traffic flows on their roads will decrease,” said Mr Snape.

The building of the new section of Saxdown Road (worth approximately R13.5 million) has largely been paid for by bulk infrastructure levy costs from the first three phases at Bardale Village and will also run directly past the site where a commercial centre will be built in the near future.

This centre will have a retail segment, a much-needed medical centre and pharmacy, a gymnasium, and various fast food and restaurant outlets, all of which will complement one major retail anchor tenant.

It is envisaged that the road will eventually be opened all the way to Hindle Road, creating a thoroughfare that will improve commuting times – thus also making allowance for a MyCiTi bus route and other public transport systems.

“We are hoping that the City will see how important it is to approve the building of the subsequent section of Saxdown Road (which joins Hindle Road), as this is a vital connection for the area as whole,” said Mr Snape.