Church of God cleans up Bellville South

Members of the Church of God took part in the Mother’s Street Environmental Clean-up campaign in Bellville.

The global movement aims to clean 40 000km around the world. It began in Korea and has been taking place in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, India, Mongolia and Cambodia.

The Church of God held its clean-up with about 70 members in Bellville South on Sunday December 3, picking up rubbish, leaves, branches, as well as removing illegal advertising, torn banners, and roadside weeds. Within three hours of cleaning, they collected about 100 bags of waste.

Church member Sindisa Moyi believes that cleaner streets and neighbourhoods influence the community positively.

On the same day, Church of God branches in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola took part in the campaign.

In Mozambique, 110 people cleaned the streets of Maputo, Marushi and Beira and more than 60 members joined the clean-up in Zimbabwe.

Mr Moyi said the church members volunteered regularly for a variety of good causes, including visits to retirement homes and child welfare organisations, donating blood and helping at food drives.

“We try and take part in as many campaigns as possible with the aim of spreading hope and encouragement wherever we go,” said Mr Moyi.