Choirs unite through song

The Junior Campus Private School choir invites you to join them in a virtual song video.

Voce Armoniche, a community choir in Goodwood, collaborated with singers all over the world in a virtual choir project hosted by Boston’s Children’s Chorus. 

The video took more than a week to complete and features the song Ain’t no Mountain High Enough, first sung by American singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye and then recreated by Diana Ross. 

Kuils River opera singer and teacher Christine Bam said she was proud that her ensemble of singers could join the project, not only for fun, but to work with world-renowned artists including Jeremy Fox, a Grammy-nominated composer. 

Ms Bam said the Junior Campus Private School in Kuils River was working with her during lockdown to present a virtual choir performance of a South African song by the end of the month. 

“We have chosen Ukuthula, a song for peace, and have teamed up with Derby Music Academy in England, UK, to join us in making this amazing virtual choir”, Ms Bam said. 

Email or call Ms Bam at 083 621 8483 to form part of this initiative. All ages are welcome.