Charity helping to keep hunger out of Kraaifontein

Food parcels are made up for families in need

A faith-based charity in Kraaifontein says it needs help to feed hundreds of families facing hunger in the area.

The founder of the Be The Difference Foundation, Granthem Abrahams, 33, of Windsor Park, says Covid 19 has seen many families queuing for food, including several who ordinarily would not do so.

The charity was started in 2014. Mr Abrahams says he usually works with smaller groups at schools, feeding about 80 children weekly. They also help children with their schoolwork and sports activities.

The foundation keeps a record of families in need, and Mr Abrahams, who has a team of 20 helpers, says there are parts of Kraaifontein where every second home is battling to get by.

The organisation, he says, is self-funded and relies on support from its own volunteers as well as their families and friends. 

“Covid 19 has put this foundation to the test, but fortunately we are able to feed our people,” he says, adding that communities need to help one another through this difficult time.

Call Granthem Abrahams at 072 515 0531 or email if you want to help.