Chain against abuse

Franette Reinker, Melissa Botha, Kaela Kriel and Manette Reinker were some of the younger women who showed support.

More than 100 women formed a human chain along Brighton Road to speak out against women abuse, crime and drugs plaguing Kraaifontein.

The event on National Women’s Day, Thursday August 9, was organised by Kraaifontein SAPS.

Just after 10am, the women and children – along with men, police officers, neighbourhood watch and community police forum members, and ordinary residents – joined hands.

They sang hymns and raised their hands in unity, cheering, “We say no to crime and no to violence.”

Some women had dressed in pink T-shirts and tutus, those from neighbourhood watches wore their reflector bibs and Kraaifontein police officers were in uniform.

Men showed their support by helping the women across the busy road, with the help of law enforcement.

Anna Hendricks, from Scottsville, said she joined the women because she had faced many challenges.

“As a woman, I went through many things so I am here to show my support to these women. Scottsville is one of the well known communities for criminal activities, so I am standing here because I am against it,” she said.

Christine Turvey, from Sector 4 Neighbourhood Watch, said: “We are here because we want to make people aware that we stand up for what we believe in, and we are prepared to stand together in the community, to help fight against crime and the abuse of women and children.

“Abuse against women is a serious offence, and we will not take this lightly, so we are standing up for that today.”

Sector 4 Neighbourhood Watch spokesman Ruben Myburgh was one of the men showing support.

“Despite the physical abuse, rape and murders, men are there to protect women. So we came to show them that there are men in our communities who are willing to work with them to prevent women abuse and crime.”

He said he was impressed with the turn-out and hoped even more people would support future events.

“Since I am in Kraaifontein, I have never seen the community come together in this manner. This is something extraordinary. I hope that next year more members will be at the Women’s Day events, to show their support.”

Kraaifontein police station commander Brigadier Gerda van Niekerk thanked all those who had come out to show their support.

“Everyone standing here proves that they are willing to stand up against women abuse and that they want to make a difference to crime situations in their communities. We cut off the crime today, we say no to murders,” she said.

Cn rk chain 1- Michelle Volschenk, Adelle Kriel and Bernette Reinke supported the fight against women abuse and crime.

Cn rk chain 2- Lillian Bosman ,Christine Turvey and Lilly-Anne Bosman, aged 7.

Cn rk chain 3- Franette Reinker, Melissa Botha, Kaela Kriel and Manette Reinker were some of the younger women who showed support.

Cn rk chain 4- Women sang hymns.

Cn rk chain 5- Women formed human chain on Brighton Road in Kraaifontein.

Cn rk chain 6- Kraaifontein SAPS, Brigadier Gerda van Niekerk thanked people for coming to join.