Celebrating women

Women were welcomed by mimosas and fruit

Suzie’s Coffee shop in Kuils River hosted a high tea yesterday in celebration of National Women’s Day.

“With everything happening in the world, all the negative, we decided to celebrate women as they should be celebrated,” said owner Suzie Mathys.

“Initially I was against this idea but my mind was changed because we have been through so much lately and it is the one time we get to celebrate being women.”

Event organisers and owner, Miranda Fillmore, left, Suzie Mathys.

The theme for the high tea was, “Jy as vrou. Kosbaarste perel. Ontdek opnuut jou waarde as vrou”.

Guest speaker, Shirley Feris

Guest speaker Shirley Feris said the reason compared women to pearls was that women endured a lot before eventually being acknowledged as beautiful.

“Open yourself and show your pearl to the world,” Ms Feris said.