Cash hidden in suspect’s pants

Police running a checkpoint in Voortrekker Road arrested a man wearing two pairs of pants with R20 000 hidden between them.

The man is believed to be one of two robbers who snatched R40 000 from a parked car earlier in the day, on Tuesday July 12.

Officers at the checkpoint had spotted a very nervous- looking man who was on foot, and when they tried to approach, him he ran off, said Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams.

Constable Warren Cloete chased the man and arrested him after finding him hiding under a car in the coincidentally named Cloete Street.

Police found R20 000 of bank notes lying loose between two pairs of pants the man had on.

As officers returned with their detainee to Parow police station, a man walked into the charge office to report being robbed of R40 000 earlier in the day.

He identified the detainee as one of the robbers. He told police he had been waiting for someone in his car, parked outside a pub in Voortrekker Road, when two men opened his car door and grabbed his cellphone and toiletry bag holding the money. The men had fled in separate directions.

The arrested man appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Thursday July 14 on charges of robbery.

The other robbery suspect is still at large.