Calls for Morningstar pool to be repaired and reopened

The Morningstar Swimming Pool is located in Pikkewyn Street, Morningstar. PICTURE: Keanan Harmse.

While Morningstar Swimming Pool remains closed to the public, some residents feel the City is stalling with its planned upgrades and want answers as to when the pool will be reopened.

The pool, located in Pikkewyn Street, Morningstar, has been closed until further notice due to maintenance, according to the City’s website.

However, according to the Parks and Recreation Department Swimming Pools and Spray Parks Schedule 2022/23 seen on the City’s website, the pool’s estimated date of opening was March this year.

Northern News spoke to Durbanville resident, Nicol van der Burgh, who says her calls for the pool’s reopening have fallen on deaf ears after sending several fruitless emails to the City since last year.

“The pool has been here for years. It has always been used by Alpha Primary learners and also training groups for swimming lessons and galas of nearby schools.

“Since 2019 the pool has been closed for maintenance, the following year the excuse of Covid was given, yet during the return of Level 2 and 1 of the restrictions, nothing was done on the pool. The last time I saw anyone swim was in 2018,” she said.

Northern News sent queries to the City from August 25 up until this week regarding the pool’s repair work as well as the reason behind the upgrades stalling. They replied: “We have received the enquiry and are looking into the details. We will respond once all the necessary information has been received.”

Last month, an online post went viral on Facebook where up to 51 people commented on the pool’s current state.

“According to the City, the resurfacing and pool pump and filter had to be replaced. It’s been four years now and still nothing has been done. Then it was mentioned that the contractor that was supposed to start here in Morningstar, began working at the Bellville pool, and that is why the work here could not have been done,” Ms Van der Burgh said.

“Again in 2020/2021 the budget for the Morningstar pool was allocated and the City stated it would be a five-year maintenance plan – just to change a pump and resurfacing. But there’s no use you fix a pump and filter but the pool is empty. It’s no use you fill the pool if the surface has not been fixed.”

Northern News has yet to receive feedback from Ward 112 councillor Theresa Uys, regarding the pool’s repairs and when it will be open to the public again.

Good Party PR councillor Morne Josephs also told Northern News that the Morningstar pool is neglected in comparison to the City’s other pools.

When Northern News visited Morningstar this week to take a closer look at the pool’s condition and the facilities, we were turned away by security.

The Morningstar children’s pool last year. PICTURE: Morne Josephs.

According to a media release that was published on the City’s website in 2021, the Morningstar pool’s repairs included replacement of circulation pipework and valves, pool basin resurfacing, resealing of expansion joints and repairs to filtration plants.

This photo of Morningstar community pool was taken last year. PICTURE: Morne Josephs.

“The pool looks so bad now and the looks unsafe that there is a stigma now that if people go there they will get robbed. During winter time, the excuses were they couldn’t work because of the rain and in the summer, the excuse is the budget is going to other projects. The City would rather spend money on pools with bigger attractions to boost their profits,” said Ms Van der Burgh. ..