Call to report tap tampering in Wallacedene

Mayoral committee member for water and waste services Xanthea Limberg has called on pupils to use water sparingly.

Sub-council 2 chairwoman Brenda Hansen has urged Wallacedene residents to report taps that have been tampered with.

Speaking at the World Water Day event in Masibambane Secondary School in Bloekombos, on Tuesday, Ms Hansen spoke out against car washers using water irresponsibly and push-button taps in Wallacedene’s temporary relocation area that are tampered with to make them run constantly.

A non-profit organisation, SOS, installed a hand-washing station at the school and a truck company donated two trucks to the organisation.

Ms Hansen urged the school pupils to remove objects inserted into the push-button taps to keep them running, and she said that it was unacceptable for car washers using hoses to let water run down the streets.

Ward 102 ANC councillor Siyabonga Duka warned that the world could face severe droughts in future and it was important for the pupils to use water sparingly.

Mayoral committee member for water and waste services Xanthea Limberg said that while 70% of the Earth’s surface was covered in water, only a small portion of it was available for human consumption.

“If we don’t use the water wisely, we’re actually denying our future generations, which is many of you, the right to access that water for your future. It is for this reason World Water Day is such an important day.”