C40 proposal met with scepticism

Oranje Street in Tygerdal is a stone's throw away from the Tygerdal dump site.

A City plan to hand over Tygerdal public land, bigger than seven rugby fields and worth almost R100 million, to private developers has drawn a mixed response from residents but the full support of Parow sub-council.

The site is next to the Monte Vista train station and includes a park and a municipal dump.
It is one of the four public sites the City wants to make available for the so-called “carbon neutral” developments in the C40 Reinventing Cities competition.
A City spokeswoman, Lizel Steenkamp, has told Northern News it would only be clear after a public consultation process whether the sites would be sold of leased.
The proposal went out for public comment in July. The comment period closed earlier this month.
The other plots are in Athlone, Diep River and Mnandi.
At the sub-council meeting last Thursday, PR councillor Carl Pophaim welcomed the development, saying it could “change the face of Goodwood and Cape Town.”
According to Marian Nieuwoudt, mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, the City received 260 comments – both for and against the proposal.
The competition is open to all designers, developers and community organisations to stimulate carbon-neutral development across the globe.
“The aim of the initiative is to implement the best ideas to transform under-utilised publicly owned sites, made available by participating cities, into beacons of sustainability and resilience and to act as a showcase for future zero-carbon urban developments,” said Ward 27 councillor Cecile Janse van Rensburg.
Some residents had expressed “reservations” about the proposed development, she said.
“It is crucial that residents arm themselves with all the information about the project.”
Cities like Milan and Oslo would be taking part in the C40 Reinventing Cities and the competition was about striking a blow against climate change, she said.