Burglars target garages

Durbanville police have warned of a recent spike in cases where burglars have broken into a home through the garage.

There have been recent cases in Coucous, Edmund Rostand and Pivert streets in Eversdal, says Durbanville police spokesman Captain Marchelle Rhode

“Garage doors are being forced open and entry gained,” he said.

Captain Rhode said it was mainly bicycles and electric tools which were being taken.

Kendal Road Community’s Facebook page also warned of similar incidents in Kenridge, De Bron and Stellenberg.

“Ensure that you have a latch to lock your doors from the inside, install a motion sensor inside and check that your inter-leading door between your garage and home is locked at all times.

“If possible, leave a light on above your garage door as this may be a deterrent,” the post said.

Fidelity ADT district manager Verena Hulme said they had responded to an increased number of call-outs to Aurora, Kenridge and Eversdal where burglars had targeted garages.

“We urge all residents to ensure that – like the rest of the property – garages are also properly secured,” she said.