Burglars, car thieves caught

Burglars broke a sliding door to get inside a Joyce Street house, in Goodwood, on Monday September 12, at about 4.20pm.

The intruders stole a 42-inch Panasonic TV before fleeing, but neighbours spotted them and alerted Goodwood Armed Patrols, said police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis.

Response officer Bradley Meyer, assisted by residents, apprehended the two men, and recovered the TV.

They then called Goodwood police for back-up to make the arrest, said Captain Theunis.

On the same day, at 4.10pm, Warrant Officer Jacques Pieters and Constable Steven Drury arrested two men for stealing a car. The officers were patrolling Vasco Boulevard when they saw a green Toyota Conquest leaving an area where it is suspected that drugs are often sold.

The officers pulled the car over and searched it.

They found a deed of sale with a name and number in a compartment in the car. When they called the number, the car’s owner confirmed it had been stolen earlier that day in Athlone.