Bringing jobs to Fisantekraal

The site of the proposed land rezoning for the extension of the Fisantekraal Industrial Park as seen from Swisshoek Crescent. The construction of the park will bring employment opportunites for locals.

A plan to develop Fisantekraal farmland for light-industry has been welcomed by the community’s ward councillor who says it will create much-needed employment.

The City of Cape Town is mulling a land-use application to rezone more than 6 hectares of land at 20 Swisshoek Crescent, in Fisantekraal Industrial, described in the application as a “developing industrial area” on the north-eastern outskirts of Durbanville, near the Fisantekraal village.

Swisshoek Investment Company (Pty) Ltd owns the land, described as Portion 22 (a portion of Portion 5) of Farm 168.

A town and regional planning firm has submitted the land-use application on behalf of Swisshoek.

The site is zoned agricultural, but the application notes that a rezoning is required to unlock its “commercial or industrial potential”.

Because the Mosselbank River traverses the site, only about 2ha is above the 100-year flood line and suitable for development.

The proposal calls for the split-zoning of the site with the 2ha above the flood line rezoned general industry (GI1) and the 4ha below it rezoned open space.

The proposal notes that, “Industrial development on the site will make a positive contribution to the local economy as many employment opportunities will be created. This will be of particular importance to the nearby Fisantekraal community where the unemployment rate is high.”

Fisantekraal ward councillor Ruan Beneke agrees, saying the development of light-industry parks on the site will benefit locals.

“The parks will be opening all over the area and it will create major opportunities for the neighbouring communities with the added benefit of not having to travel too far.”

The plan also has the backing of the non-profit, Fisantekraal Centre of Development.

“It will be an amazing improvement for the area, as right now it is vastly underdeveloped and in desperate need of infrastructure,” said Jane Gelderman, the centre’s director.

“Currently most of the people in the area travel to Durbanville for work, and they have to use taxis, which is fine, but it is quite expensive.

“A bus would be cheaper, but there is no bus service in the area, and they end up paying R25 a day to make use of the taxi, and that is quite a bit to pay.

“There is a train that comes around twice a day so it is hardly convenient and there is no proper train station so it is quite dangerous.”

Mr Beneke said the industrial parks, would be built away from the Mosselbank River and would not be for heavy industry, 
but would really be an extension of the existing Fisantekraal Business Park.

“In terms of the types of businesses that will be coming to the area, we are looking more at storage facilities, furniture-making and wood suppliers. There will be no heavy industrial companies looking to set up shop.”

Ms Gelderman said: “Recently the community centre and library have been rebuilt and the clinic is set to be built next year. 

Now with a business park being built, along with open field 
spaces for recreational activities, things are looking wellgood for the community. Of course, the more infrastructure there is then the better it is for the community so hopefully, this is a sign of more to come.”

Public comments and objections can be sent to by Monday November 19.