Brackenfell residents warned about scam

Brackenfell police are warning residents about a scam where victims of theft of motor vehicles were targeted to extort money out of them. 

According to a statement, Brackenfell SAPS spokeswoman Captain Erica Crous said in last month two incidents were recorded, where community members contacted the station, saying they were contacted by “police officials”, informing them that their stolen vehicles were found at a border post. 

“They were told that they had to pay money to have their vehicles released and to cover the e-toll costs.  They had the choice of paying the money into a bank account or meet the “police officials” to hand over the money.”
She said if anyone, is contacted with such a request they should immediately contact the Brackenfell SAPS investigative officer.

“The investigating officer in the case will be informed whenever a stolen vehicle is recovered.  The complainant will be contacted either by the investigating office or the Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit (VCIU) of SAPS.No cash payments or payments into bank accounts are involved,” she said.
However the only payments to be made, she said after a disposal order is issued by the investigating officer, authorizing the release of the vehicle to the owner, a payment is due for the police clearance of the vehicle, which is to be paid in cash at the VCIU where you will be issued with a receipt.