Boston’s litter trouble

Sophia Carlini, Boston

I have been a resident of Boston for more than 35 years. The convenience store, Basil’s was just a few streets down the road. It became Pick * Pay and recently changed owners.

The whole area developed into a shocking, filthy mess, with plastic and beer bottles, papers, leaves and all other kinds of rubbish lying around.

After complaining about it, I was told that it was the duty of the City of Cape Town to clean it. The previous owners cleaned the area every day.

Can you please inform me who must clean the area?

Pancakes are made outside the entrance, and surely it can’t be healthy to sell food in such an area.

lMayco member for utility services, Ernest Sonnenberg, responds :

The area in question is swept by the City once a week, as per scheduled operations.

As it has now been noted that the area experiences a high rate of litter, the City has now committed to checking it three times a week going forward in order to keep it as clean as possible.