Bloodied body of newborn dumped

Parow is in shock after a newborn baby girl was dumped in a garbage bin, and the police have asked for witnesses to come forward to help them solve the case.

Police are investigating a concealment of birth, but a murder charge could be added following an autopsy.

The dead infant was found lying face down in a Parow Park wheelie bin, on Monday November 4, at noon. “According to residents, a homeless man, discovered the baby,” said Parow police spokesman, Captain Kevin Williams.

Parow Park Neighbourhood Watch chairman, Willem Bothas, said the wheelie bin was between Parow Park’s Block 3 and Block 6.

“According to eyewitnesses, the umbilical cord of the baby was cut with a piece of wood and dumped,” he said.

Mr Bothas said he had seen the baby, fully-grown and covered in blood, in the bin. “It was horrific,” he said.

“I believe the father has been arrested and that the mother ran away. They are homeless people and do not stay here,” he said.

However, Parow police said no arrests had been made. The are awaiting autopsy results to determine the infant’s cause of death.

The grim discovery has shocked the community.

“We just had someone murdered here recently,” Mr Bothas said.

“I want to tell the community to stand together to rid this area of crime. People are selling and using drugs right in front of everyone. People are also drinking in public and in front of children. Residents are standing on corners and using drugs openly.

“I am trying my best to keep this area safe, but the residents are intimidating me. Robberies are also very high in this area. I went to the police and I got a protection order against the residents. Anyone who insults me or intimidates me will be arrested,” he said.

A homeless man staying in Parow Park was stabbed to death on Sunday October 21, following a row with a resident (“Patroller accused of stabbing,” Wednesday October 31).

Northern News reported on a grisly baby-dumping case in nearby Goodwood last year

(“’Crushed’ newborn dumped,” August 30, 2017).

At the time, eyewitnesses described how the baby’s “bloodied and crushed body” had been dumped on the street by a woman who had just given birth.

Missing children or cases of child abuse and neglect can be reported to the police or to the Department of Social Development hotline at 0800 220 250.