Belmont Park residents fume over sewage spills

A blocked drain in 3rd Avenue, Belmont Park, Kraaifontein.

Pipe blockages in Kraaifontein’s Belmont Park are causing sewage spills and forcing residents to drive 5km to the closest mall if they want to use the bathroom.

The sewage swamps 3rd Avenue at least twice a month, say angry residents who are demanding answers from the City.

Residents say the pipe blockages soil their yards and back up toilets and drains, and they have to go to CapeGate shopping centre, which is at least 10 minutes drive away, to use the bathroom and wash.

“We are completely fed up. We have pleaded with the City for resolutions, but we do not get any response,” says Anneline Smith, a registered nurse and mother of two toddlers, who has lived in 3rd Avenue since 2007.

“As a nurse, I am aware of the implications the bacteria these drain bursts can bring, and these children are now not only restricted from playing in their own yard but they are also at risk of getting sick because of this waste.”

Her driveway became swamped with sewage when the drain across from her property overflowed, she said.

This is what Anneline Smith’s driveway, in 3rd Avenue, Kraaifontein, looks like when a nearby sewer pipe blocks.

During summer, the stench of human waste that hangs over the neighbourhood is so bad they dare not open their windows, say the residents.

Another 3rd Avenue resident, Eugene Daniels, said he had complained several times to the ward councillor, Brenda Hansen, and the municipality but the problem persisted.

“We do not want any excuses; I have sent many emails back and forth,” he said.

Municipal officials had agreed that the situation was unacceptable, he said. “We have been promised that the issue would get immediate attention.”

Student Deonique Smith said she was busy with online learning at her 3rd Avenue home and was constantly faced with the “annoying” problem. Just when she thought it had been fixed, the sewage spills would happen again, she said.

Mr Daniels told the Northern News on Wednesday that sewage had again swamped 3rd Avenue due to a drain blockage.

Northern News emailed the City throughout last week with questions about the blockage, but despite assuring us that we would get a response none was received by time of publication.

Ms Hansen confirmed to Northern News by email that Belmont Park and Kleinbegin residents would be able to raise their concerns at a meeting scheduled for Tuesday August 24. The time and location had yet to be confirmed with the residents.