Bellville set for Open Streets

Local hip-hop star Youngsta CPT will be performing at the Bellville Open Streets Market on Sunday

Bellville will be buzzing on Sunday when Youngsta CPT headlines the Bellville Open Streets Market.

The market will take place in Teddington Walkway while in Voortrekker Road, the Open Street event will take place.

This edition of the market, which began in June and is normally hosted every last Saturday of the month, has received an extra boost with the news that local hip-hop superstar Youngsta CPT will be performing at the event.

Over the past few years, the rapper has made a name for himself on the music scene with multiple chart-topping hits, high profile collaborations and he has even launched his own clothing brand, YGEN.

Founder of Rich Boy Clothing, Johan Potgieter, said: “This will be the first time that Youngsta CPT will be performing in Bellville. It is going to be massive and defintely one for the books.”

Potgieter is one of many local entrepreneurs that will be on display at the market while his company also enjoys a mutually beneficail relationship with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP).

Potgieter said: “The whole aim of the event is to uplift the community that we care about and having somebody like Youngsta performing is massive.”

While Youngsta will entrertain the masses in Teddington Walkway, executive Mayor Dan Plato will open the Bellville Open Streets in Voortrekker Road.

The event, which has taken place around the world, will see a section of Vootrekker Road, between Durban and Robert Sobukwe roads, be closed from 8am till 3pm.

The road will be closed to motorised traffic so the public can enjoy a car-free space, take part in street games, live music, crafts, cycling, skateboarding and dancing.

Mayor Plato said Open Streets helped to bring communities together.

“Open Streets in Bellville offers a great opportunity for Cape Town’s residents to be active participants in experiencing the unifying potential of their community.

“On November 25, we will all be able to experience what an inclusive, safe and welcoming city looks like by inviting people to re-imagine their space, get to know their neighbours, and carry this fun and thought-provoking experience forward.”

The event is free and there will be several food stalls available.

Warren Hewitt, chief executive of the GTP, said it was a chance for Bellville to show off its rich culture.

“Open Streets is an opportunity to showcase the diverse and rich culture of Bellville.

“We are working to build an inclusive, connected community in a vibrant, liveable urban centre where everyone is welcome.

“We welcome the opportunity to join forces with Open Streets, and invite residents and like-minded individuals and groups in the area to enjoy what the day has to offer.”

The event is designed to create a more cohesive community but also to highlight the development potential of areas all over the city.

Councillor Rose Rau, who chairs Sub-council 6, said Bellville CBD and the Voortrekker Road area were at the heart of the City’s transit-oriented development policy .

“Bellville is a key development area for the City of Cape Town in general and Voortrekker Road in particular. The Bellville CBD and Voortrekker Road area will reflect significant changes and developments over time which will embrace our current transit-oriented development policy.

She said: “Open Streets is an exciting way of demonstrating how streets that prioritise people’s movement can contribute to an exciting, vibrant place to live, work and play”.

Open Streets’s programme director Rebecca Campbell said: “Open Streets is an opportunity to experience our city differently and reduce the presence of cars for a day. Bellville boasts the busiest taxi rank and second busiest train station in Cape Town and we encourage those joining us in Bellville to take a bus, train or mini-bus taxi. If that’s not an option, consider car-pooling.”

In October, Woodstock hosted the first Open Streets of the season and next year, January 28, a portion of the city centre will also be closed off for the third edition. Langa and Mitchell’s Plain are next on the list with events planned for those areas in February and March respectively.

Those wanting to cycle to Bellville on the day, can make use of bike buses that will depart from the Cape Town CBD and southern suburbs.

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