Bellville clock tower starts ticking again

The Bellville Civic Centre clock tower is part of a restoration project by The Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

The Bellville Civic Centre’s iconic clock tower is being restored to its former glory after sufficient funds were raised for the project.

The idea of repairing the clock tower began as a crowd-funding campaign (“Campaign to get Bellville clock tower ticking again,” Northern News, March 24).

Warren Hewitt, CEO of The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (TGTP) said they had raised R97 550 in the crowd-funding campaign from March to May.

“We also received a separate donation from Sanlam in June, which enabled us to forge ahead with the project. Thanks to the additional donation, the memorial stone will be updated to reflect a more inclusive history of those who lost their lives in the World Wars. New lighting around the tower will turn it into a striking centrepiece landmark at night.”

The project includes repairing the internal mechanisms of all clock faces, refurbishing the fountain at the base of the tower and ensuring it uses recycled water and repairing the brick work around the fountain and tower.