Bad customer service

Sharon O’Connor, Plattekloof Glen

I stood in the line at the bakery at Burgundy Estate Shoprite Checkers, only to be told there were no hot rolls. I went to the isle to look for packaged hot rolls and found the shelf to be empty.

I asked to speak to the bakery manager named Sydney. He was called and approached me with one helluva attitude.

I enquired why there were no hot rolls, to which he shouted, “We are short-staffed, and the rolls will take 12 minutes. You can wait for them.”

I asked him who did he think he was shouting at me; as I am the customer and could not believe what I was hearing. I told him he had a terrible attitude.

He walked away from me responding “You have an attitude and a drinking problem — look at your trolley with all the wine.” I was so shocked.

While leaving the bakery, he again shouted at me in front of his staff and customers. “Go and complain to the manager and see what happens?”

The Burgundy Estate Shoprite Checkers branch does not have a good reputation as it is.

I stay in Plattekloof Glen and rode out of my way because of the wine special, but I will not be treated like that by a staff member — or anyone in fact.

He needs to be disciplined and made fully aware of his actions.

Shoprite spokeswoman, Sarita van Wyk, responds:

This is not a reflection of the standard of service we would like our customers to experience and would like to apologise on behalf of Checkers De Grendel. The matter has already been handled through an internal disciplinary process. We’d like to follow up with the customer and assure her of our continued commitment to improve customer service.