Artist explores the truth about rabbits

Durbanville’s Rust-en-Vrede Gallery has dedicated its first exhibition of the year to one of the most loved creatures in folklore and popular culture today, the rabbit.

The Truth About Rabbits opened on Tuesday January 16, with artists exploring the nature, myth and whimsy of the hare/rabbit.

The exhibition by more than 30 artists, includes several colourful paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, photos, and illustrations.

Participating artists include Carol Slabolepszy, Haidee Nel, Lesley Tuchten, Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen, and Janine de Waal. The exhibition will be running until Wednesday January 31.

Lyn Holm, from Bunny Huggers South Africa, sold calendars at the exhibition, to raise funds for the organisation, which teaches the public how to care for pet rabbits.

Domestic rabbits, said Ms Holm, couldn’t care for themselves as their natural skills had been bred out.

“Most domestic rabbits do not do well as they do not get the proper nutrition,” she said.

Ms Holm said the rabbit was a complicated and “weird” animal and was classed as exotic.

“They are unlike any other animal. I thought I was a cat person, but later found out I’m actually a rabbit person,” she said.

This was the first exhibition by curator Donavan Mynhardt, who said they wanted to start the year off with a “bang”, capturing the hearts of bunny and art lovers alike.

The gallery is also running the Green and Gold Ceramics Group Exhibition, in the Clay Museum, until Wednesday March 14.

Visit the Bunny Huggers South Africa Facebook page for more information.