Armed robbers threaten to kill woman’s children

Four armed robbers who invaded a home in Bukettraube Street, Shiraz Villas, Durbanville, told a woman they would kill her children if she didn’t show them her safe, say police.

The mother of two was occupied in her bedroom while her domestic worker was doing chores in the kitchen when the four robbers came through the front door at 9pm on Thursday January 27.

The men climbed the stairs and one of them pointed a gun at the woman in her bedroom, according to Durbanville police spokesman Captain Marchell Rhode.

“One of the suspects wanted to know where the money is,” he said.

The men told her that they would kill her children if she did not tell them where the money was.

Police say the robbers tried to strangle both the woman and the domestic worker before fleeing with the safe containing almost R36 000.

Northern News was unable to ascertain the severity of their injuries.

In a separate incident, at 5pm on the same day, four men stole a trailer on Vissershok Road, Durbanville.

A man, who was guarding the trailer while his co-workers cut grass, was startled when a taxi stopped suddenly next to him.

“The suspect inside the taxi then approached the man wanted to take the trailer. When the man refused, the suspect then took out a firearm and threatened him with it,“ said Captain Rhode.

During the scuffle, three other men jumped out the taxi and hooked the trailer onto the taxi and drove off with it.

No arrests have been made. Police are investigating a case of hijacking.