Anthony shares story of poverty and addiction

Anthony Martin released his first self-help book, Poverty Free.

A Kraaifontein man has written a book about how he beat drugs and poverty.

Ex-drugaddict, Anthony Martin, 37, shares his story in Poverty Free, which he self-published.

Anthony’sstory begins in Bonteheuwel, and he tells how growing up in poverty, with little support from his parents and struggling at school, his life started to spiral out of control, and he dropped out of school at 16.

In the book’s 14 chapters, Anthony describes how at that time in his life he saw gangsterism and drugs as his only way out of poverty. And he says he fears they remain a siren call for many young people still stuck in poverty today.

Mr Anthony says his self-help book will be of interest to both haves and have-nots.

“The book is aimed at people, living in poverty, who are frustrated, in low spirits and hopeless. Because some people are comfortable with being poor. And, on the other hand, a person who does not know what it is like to be poor could get a taste of what negative effects being poor has on someone.”

He says he looks forward to getting feedback about the book and hopes it reaches a wide audience.

“Despite the book being sold, the ultimate goal for me is to hear that people have turned their lives around because of my book. I have approached the Department of Social Development, asking if they can assist with buying a bunch of books and donating it to people who cannot afford to buy the book.”

He adds, “The book will only help you, if you are willing to help yourself.”

At the end of October, the book can be found at all book stores across Cape Town, at the end of October. Send an emailtomartin to get a copy.