Anthony is on the move


Durbanville resident Anthony Ghillino will step down as vice chairman of the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre’s (WCRC) health facility board in January next year, after serving on it for three terms.

Mr Ghillino, a resident of the Andries Olivier Quadriplegic Centre since 2002, said he had joined the board in 2007 to give back to his community and the facility.

The WCRC help to rehabilitate people with physical disabilities, while promoting functional independence.

“People with disabilities encounter a range of physical, social and opinionated barriers, which prevent them from accessing the same rights as non-disabled people.

“WCRC helps clients to overcome these barriers, ensuring that patients are integrated into mainstream society and live a fulfilled and successful life,” said Mr Ghillino.

The Western Cape Health Facility Boards Act was introduced in 2001 by the Health MEC to ensure that managements of all public health facilities are accountable to, and have the support of, their communities and manage their resources properly.

WCRC CEO Jenny Hendry says the board is a way for ordinary citizens to get involved.

“The health facility board structure requires clinical, non-clinical and academic representation. The community also needs to be represented by individuals on this committee, ensuring that the needs, concerns and recommendations of clients and the community are properly addressed,” she said.

Mr Ghillino said his experience on the board had helped him share in the triumphs of others with disabilities.

“During my tenure, I have been able to share my expertise, knowledge and experience at a facility that does incredible work.

“I am proud to be involved and associated with the WCRC, as both a client and member of the board,” he said.

Mr Ghillino is a project manager at the QuadPara Association of the Western Cape and serves on the executive committee on the Western Cape Network on Disability and the management board of the QuadPara Association of South Africa. A car crash left him a quadriplegic at 16.

* You can submit a copy of you CV, along with a recommendation letter, to the office of the Health Facility Board at the WCRC, if you’re interested in becoming a board member.

Contact Teresa Lucas at 021 370 2313 or for details.