Activists revive call for day hospital in Sarepta

Activists have formed a steering committee to pressure the provincial government to build a day hospital in Sarepta.

Activists and community groups have formed a steering committee that is reviving calls for a “long overdue” day hospital in Sarepta.

Leaders of the Kalkfontein Development Forum and the Kuils River Civic Association met activists, at the Irista Primary School last Saturday, to form the steering committee that will pressure the provincial health department to build the hospital.

The group will go door-to-door to circulate a petition that calls for the construction of the hospital.

The activists – among others, Griselda Appels, Isaac Jenecke, Tania Swanson, Eleanor Pretorius, Wilma Murray-Lekay, Charlene Tiemie, Shelly Adams and Johannes Pula – say the department promised in the early 2000s to build a hospital in the area.

“Before 2004, there had been a long effort and process to get the day hospital,” Mr Jenecke told the meeting, waving back-and-forth correspondence between activists and the provincial government.

The then Serepta health committee had been part of the efforts, he said.

In a September 2004 letter to the Kuils River Civic Association, then Health MEC Pierre Uys said that while officials could find no record of a promise to build a day hospital in Sarepta, the department was compiling an infrastructure plan for primary health care facilities.

“This plan is part of the department’s 2010 health-care initiative that is aimed at ‘equal access to quality care’. The needs of the Kuils River community will definitely be considered in compiling this plan,” the letter says.

Provincial health department spokesman Mark van der Heever did not respond to questions about the day hospital by time of publication.