Abduction charges withdrawn in court

Two men arrested in connection with the abduction of a 4-year-old girl in Kuils River have been released after charges against them were withdrawn.

Police have been searching for Anisa Mohamud since her disappearance on Tuesday November 2. An abduction case has been opened.

Kuils River police spokesman Captain Isaac Van Niekerk said police had arrested two men, aged 27 and 36, on the day Anisa disappeared after the child’s mother claimed she had seen her daughter with them in Voortrekker Road. The child had not returned home. The two men appeared in Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court on Monday but the charges against them were withdrawn. Both had denied taking the child.

“The reason for the court to withdraw the case is still unknown. We are going to send our detectives who were working on the case to go to court to find out,” said Captain Van Niekerk.