Whitemans honour vows for 60 years

Frederick and Rachel Whiteman on their wedding day. =

Frederick, 81, and Rachel, 78, Whiteman of Kuils River celebrated 60 years of marriage on Freedom Day, Thursday April 27.

Their daughter Nina Whiteman said: “As per my fathers’s recollection, he first noticed her when she was at St George’s Primary School and he even carried her school bag on one occasion. Many years later they met at a house party after which he walked her home.”

Ms Whiteman said both her parents grew up in Silvertown, Athlone.

“Daddy grew up in Olympic Crescent and mommy in Blossom Street. After getting married they moved to Bonteheuwel and lived there for 56 years. They are now happily retired and living out their golden years in Kuils River,” she said.

When asked what has kept the marriage bond so strong for all these years, she said: “They both confirmed, from their wedding day, they vowed to stay together ‘until death do us part’. Life has been very tough over the years but eight children, 20 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren later and they are still happily together,” Ms Whiteman said.