Reviews for Women’s Month

What happens when the baby they buried comes back?

Sara-Jayne King

MF Books Joburg

Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

My daughter read the cover of this book and asked if it was a horror. I told her it wasn’t because it isn’t one – not a traditional one at least.

It tells the story of baby Karoline, the product of a morality act breach, who refuses to stay white after birth. More than a month after Karoline is born, her parents take her to England and put her up for adoption. They return home and tell everyone that she died. As a mother I still can’t wrap my head around this kind of horror but I was in for far more WTF moments before Karoline gets a semblance of a happy ending.

The horrors in this book are very eina in their realness and the author, CapeTalk radio presenter Sara-Jane King, is abrasively honest about them.