Phetho spreads the gospel

Gospel singer Phetho Mabote, of Bloekombos, has released his first solo album.

A 26-year-old gospel singer from Bloekombos has released his first solo album.

Phetho Mabote says he spent three years working on the 10-song album, Retlile Mona (We Are One), released earlier this month.

Mabute says he started singing in church at the age of four.

“My music is about giving hope to those who have lost all faith in God and themselves. Some songs are encouragements to teenagers to stop doing the wrong things and not be affected by the negatives in society.”

Mabute writes his own music, which is based on everyday experiences and inspired by gospel singers Kenny Makweng and Nkomo Senosha. He says his journey to creating the album was not an easy one as his fifth song, Modimo oa Sion (God of Zion), took a long time to create and was the most challenging track on the album.

He sings gospel, he says, because it complements his voice and is his way”of giving back to God for blessing me with a voice”.

If you would like to buy his CD, call him at 072 633 6119.