Local actress finding direction in New York

Actress Zena Wood grew up in Kuils River.

Zena Wood, who grew up in Kuils River, is making strides as an actress in America, but she misses the traditional South African braai.

The 29-year-old actress and producer graduated from the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town in 2012. She then began producing political documentaries in Cape Town.

But she had always been fascinated with the idea of musical theatre and Broadway in New York, where she now lives and works.

Since emigrating, she has produced and assisted with directing documentaries and movies such as, I Heart Jenny, Villains and Life After Her, which were all selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

Zena attended De Kuilen Primary School and Stellenberg Secondary School.

She enjoyed doing drama while at school and it worked to her advantage that her mother owned a drama school.

Moving to America was a difficult decision for her, but she felt she had to to pursue her dreams.

“After many years of wondering about it, I finally did it. I knew no one and basically had to build another life on the other side of the world.”

Not someone to sit still, she is working on a feature film for when she gets back to her hometown and hopes to continue working in South Africa in the future.

“I plan to do a lot more work in South Africa soon, and I am speaking to some producers. Ultimately, I want to work in the US and Africa.

“I would like my work to also be meaningful. I enjoy working on projects that I really believe in. And I love collaborating with talented people. So any project that involves that, I am happy.

“I also want to own a yacht! But we will have to see about that.”

She advises upcoming actors and producers “to get involved with as much as you can in the industry. Work hard and have a good attitude. And research what is happening on the internet. So that you’re thinking on the right wavelength”.

In her free time, she enjoys competing in Latin dancing championships, writing for comedy and acting or directing in the theatre world.