Kuils River rapper keeping it real

Marvin van Wyk aka Cream Machine

A new video by Kuils River rapper Marvin van Wyk aka “Cream Machine” and Port Elizabeth rapper Early B has been getting lots of love since its release.

Doen Jou Ding (Do Your Thing) has already gathered more than 10 000 views since it hit YouTube last Friday.

Marvin says his collaboration with Early B was to be expected as Afrikaans hip hop artists seem to be thriving.

“Afrikaans rappers remain raw and real through their music, and the audiences love it,” he says.

The 31-year-old says his musical career took a knock during lockdown. With social gatherings banned, he couldn’t host gigs.

However, he says he’s been using the time to plan ahead and work on future tracks.

“I now have nine-to-five job, but my passion is music and entertaining people,” he says.

“Growth is what I continuously strive for, and I am always working towards improving this art.”

Marvin says the biggest lesson he has learnt in the business is to never change your brand of music to fit what’s trending.

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