Grimehouse releases new album

Grimehouse created his new work during the pandemic.

Vasco artist Keaton Carelse, who performs as Grimehouse, has released his new album called Meraki.

Carelse has developed his own style of bass music and launched his debut album Magnum Opus in 2016.

Meraki was created during the pandemic and not knowing what the future holds for musicians and when they will be able to perform live again.

Grimehouse teamed up with Nasrene, Amy Jones, Dream Demon and Hailo to name a few to express the feeling of the times.

“I decided to experiment and play with sounds and styles that spoke to me instead of making music only for clubs/radio etc. I hope somebody can relate to at least one song on the album. I am highly inspired by classical music, and the whole album is a fusion of classic, orchestral and modern electronic sounds. Sometimes a large brass trombone or a low cello can hit as hard as a filthy bassline, I’d love for this album to show that. I had fallen in love with every collaborators’ talent on this album and each one was chosen by me for a reason, I could not have done it without each and every one of them.”

Search for Grimehouse & Amy Jones – Don’t Hide Away (Official Video) on YouTube or click here.