Goodwood gospel singer releases debut single

Dudu Phampha released her debut single, Agape, on Tuesday, July 12.

For as long as the dream is not dead, God will always nudge you to wake up and do what sets your heart on fire says Duduzile Phampha about her debut single, Agape.

The single was released on Tuesday July 12 and was produced by Tim Feder from Sounds of the Nations studios.

The Goodwood gospel singer is a wife and mother of three children. She is an official for the City of Cape Town and owns an events planning company.

She says her love for music was birthed from realising how it balances her mind, body and spirit.

“Music is therapeutic to me, it brings people together in celebratory or mourning mode. I cannot survive without music.”

Phampha says she received the first “nudge” to record the single in 2017 when she woke up singing, “Agape, agape, you are great in all your way… faithful ever true.”

In a biblical sense, agape refers to Christian love, as opposed to erotic love or simple affection.

Having never heard the lyrics or rhythm before it came to her in her dream, she immediately recorded the rough draft of the song on her cellphone.

“I woke up, recorded the song on my phone to not forget it because that was very significant for me.”

Four years later, she recorded the medley and chorus of Agape as a surprise for her husband for the renewal of their vows in December last year.

“Still I sat with it until I couldn’t take the nudge anymore. Somehow I knew that this song is incomplete. In my heart I knew that people needed to be reassured of how much God loves them.

“Then one day, I woke up excited and ready to finish the song and the holy spirit led me to Tim Feder, who did an excellent job dressing up the song so beautifully.”

She adds: “No matter what was said or done to you in the past, your dreams are valid, you are good enough and more valuable than rubies or diamonds. Get up, lift your head high, and do something with your life – you can do it.”