From CY to LA

Flesh-n-Bone, left, and Phifty Caliber performing in Los Angeles

A collaboration between a Bellville clothes designer and an American rapper has led to a new rap song, 1 Bullet, which was released mid September. 

The song, performed by Phifty Caliber, not only brings Bellville and Los Angeles together, but it also tackles issues such as police brutality and life during lockdown. 

Johan Potgeiter, owner of local clothing brand Rich Boy Clothing, said: “Police brutality, hatred coming from our own city, the shooting and killing of unarmed men and women as well as Covid-19 – all these difficulties and misfortunes had to be addressed in 1 Bullet. To remain positive and sane, we had no choice but to turn adversity into opportunity by creating 1 Bullet.” 

Mr Potgieter co-wrote the lyrics for the song with Los Angeles rapper, Phifty Caliber, after the pair met when the Bellville clothes designer travelled to America in 2016.  

“I met Phifty a few years ago at a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony concert where he was the supporting act in Los Angeles, California. Since then, we have worked together on a few tracks, and we even collaborated with local rapper Youngsta CPT.”

The song is available on Spotify and iTunes and has received backing from hip-hop veteran Flesh-n-Bone,  a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. 

In a YouTube video, Flesh-n-Bone, spoke about the song and applauded Mr Potgeiter’s efforts in producing it.

In the song, Phifty Caliber has a line, “From CY to LA,” referencing the link between the two cities.

He said: “It’s a little too early to really tell how the song is received right now, but so far so good, and I have been pleased, especially with the overseas love, which I have received online and on social-media platforms. The song is definitely a single collaborative effort between myself and Rich Boy Clothing to test the waters and see if the people want to hear more. The more love they show the more likely an album will be made.”  

Since its release, the song has also received plaudits from Grimehouse, DJ Casper, Biggy and other local artists.