Dance performance inspired by the praying mantis

José Dias and jackï job promise to once again take audiences on a hypnotising, compelling journey in their latest show.

The production And Then… performed by dancer-choreographer jackï job and classical pianist José Dias opens at the Artscape theatre on Wednesday November 29.

The performance is inspired by the praying mantis.

jackï job is a contemporary dancer, first-generation Butoh performer and pioneer of Butoh on the African continent. Her dance series And Then… began in 2018. It has taken on many forms – each one planting the seed for the next – including a film that aired during lockdown in 2020. And Then… was nominated for a Naledi Theatre Award and won the UCT Meritorious Award for Creative Works in 2022.

Dias brings the piano to life, and it becomes the third performer.

According to the press release, “And Then… is about the way we love and vibrate with sentient worlds. It reaches for the most basic and universal of human instincts. It is an organic journey of desire, compassion, acceptance and love. Deeply personal, for both the audience and the performers, it allows each individual to develop their own very intimate interpretation of their work.”

The show runs from Wednesday November 29 until Saturday December 2. There will be performances daily at 8pm, including a matinée at 3pm on Saturday December 2. Tickets cost R250 through Webtickets.