Catch Hemingway classic at The Fugard

Contagious Theatre will be staging their interpretation of the Ernest Hemingway classic, The Old Man and the Sea, at The Fugard Theatre, from Tuesday July 30 to Saturday August 24.

Santiago is an old fisherman who hasn’t brought in a catch for 84 days. While the villagers pass judgement on his past and his future, the old man heads far out into the Gulf of Mexico where he hooks a giant marlin.

Focusing on the themes of life, death, brotherhood and the struggle for existence, this adaptation gives the classic text a modern twist using chorus, masks and sound design.

The production is adapted by Nick Warren with Jenine Collocott and stars James Cairns, Taryn Bennett and Jaques De Silva. It features an original soundtrack by Sue Grealy and is designed and directed by Jenine Collocott.

Tickets cost from R140 to R160. Visit or call 021 461 4554 to book.