Brackenfell music school’s students excel in exams


Two students at the Jamrock Music Academy in Brackenfell received top marks from the London Rockschool in their music exams.

Celine de Bruyn, 19, is studying at The Stage Performing Arts Studio in addition to managing her music career.

She studies drum, guitar and bass part-time at the Jamrock academy and obtained the highest national results for her Rockschool exams in Guitar Grade 6 (94 percent) as well as her Bass Guitar Grade 6 (98 percent) exams.

Rockschool is a London-based company and offers international exams to students all over the world.

Celine only started playing bass guitar last year. The modest teen says her achievements “would not be possible without dedication, my passion for music and the hours I put in to practise every day”.

Dean van Zyl, 13, is a drumming pupil and he achieved 99 percent for his Grade 3 drumming exam at Rockschool. It was the highest mark attained nationally.

The youngster has been drumming at Jamrock for the past three years and is also part of their band academy where he gets the opportunity to play alongside other passionate musicians.

Mario Bento, owner of the Jamrock, said he was very proud of the pupils, who both live in Durbanville.

This is the fourth consecutive year Jamrock students have received top marks in the national results.

About Dean, he commented: “This achievement in Rockschool exams is unheard of as the level of Rockschool exams is very high, but this young man is just that good”.